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Currently available products include:

Chicken eggs by the dozen for $2.00.

WannaBeaFarm eggs can now be picked up at Serious Farms CSA in Selinsgrove Pa.

We are currently accepting orders for the Spring flock of Cornish broiler/roaster chicken. Put one of our roasters on your Sunday table, and your family dinner will be tender and juicy.  All orders, with deposit, must be received by February 1, 2014, for pick up on June 28, 2014. 
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95 Poplar Springs Drive, Liverpool, PA. 17045
(717) 444-2101 (h)
(717) 576-5861 (C)

member PASA
member Local Harvest
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Welcome to WannaBeaFarm

There's nothing quite like the flavor of fresh, free-range eggs. Just look at the color of those egg yolks.....You can't get that in a grocery store! Fresh eggs daily!

Our birds are primarily pasture fed, but I do subsidize with non-medicated local sourced grains, just for the variety. No harmful antibiotics, steroids or growth hormones. They indulge in a healthy diet of greens, bugs, grubs. They have daily access to fresh air, sunshine and dust baths.

Happy hens lay healthy eggs. How healthy? Our eggs are naturally higher in vitamin E and protein, plus lower in cholesterol. And unlike the eggs in a grocery store ours are only washed in filtered spring water.

We also raise pastured broilers. Talk about good eats! From a luscious Sunday roast to a stock pot of homemade chicken noodle soup, good to the last bight, yum! No added salt here, folks, our chicken taste delicious just as Nature intended. We order 2 batches a year, space is limited and fills up fast. Reserve yours now!



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